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Building Tracker, a publishing platform. Father of 6 beautiful children, and married to my wonderful wife for almost 20 years. #Bitcoin

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Family Time On the Oregon Coast

This last week, our family headed over to Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast. Our family has been meeting there to hang out together for decades, so it's a really special place for us. It's an incredibly beautiful part of the Oregon Coast and is a great spot to watch whales, seals, and Bald Eagles hunting along the shores. The weather was very mixed on this trip, going from very nice to very stormy, so we were a bit limited in our activities this time. We'll be back for more adventures along the Oregon Coast in future videos. Here are some of the places we went to. Fogerty Beach: https://statepar...

Building a Snow Fort in 12 Feet of Snow at Crater Lake National Park

The boys and I had quite the adventure the other day digging a big snow fort up at Crater Lake National Park. We made a video of our adventure. Be sure to watch until the end :)

The Importance of Starting Each Day Well

For the past month or so, a portion of my lawn has been slowly turning brown and a few small patches even dying. I’ve been putting a lot of work into having a nice green lawn for the kids to enjoy over the summer so it’s been very frustrating to watch. I started watering the lawn a second time later in the day because it was acting like it wasn’t getting enough water, but that still wasn’t doing the trick. I fertilized it, put grub killer on it, and spent far too much time racking my brain as to why the grass hasn’t been flourishing. This morning, Elijah told me that when he went to adjust ...

It takes life energy to pay off debts. A country that just continually gets in more debt and doesn’t even try to live within its means is a country that is ok with stealing the life of future generations to pay their debts for them. Why don’t politicians balance the budget? They are cowards that don’t care about the future generations. They only care about getting re-elected. We have somewhere between 12 and 15 years before all Social Security money is gone. The debt payments in a decade are going to be so massive, they will swallow up all entitlement spending at which point there wi...

The US is in a debt spiral. The federal budget deficit in 2023 could go over 2 trillion dollars and it's rapidly accelerating. There are basically two ways out for the US. Hard default on our debts or print money like crazy and buy our own debt, leading to significant inflation or worse. We almost certainly will go the path of printing. Sensing the gravity of the situation, other countries around the world are starting to distance themselves from the US dollar as it's on the path to debasement. Things to watch are oil and gas and other commodities around the world being traded in currencies...