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Let the Competition Between Cities Begin

8:05 PM · Dec 28, 2020

Something significant has occurred this past year and will likely change the work and local political landscape forever. As workers have stayed home, and many companies instituted permanent work from home policies (especially in tech), many of these workers started questioning why they were living where they were. This has especially been the case in San Francisco. Now, these workers are taking advantage of their newfound freedom and are voting with their feet. As many as 89k households have left San Francisco this past year. ( This presents a tremendous opportunity for cities across the US to build their own tech communities. Everyone would be wise to start growing a thriving tech industry in their city "in-house" locally. It's lots of work and takes longer, but it's an excellent long-term investment. The second best way is to recruit tech workers. The best functioning local governments will win in the next decade. The competition is on and right now and the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez is destroying everyone right out of the gate. He started by uttering four words. How can I help. What has happened since will be written about in books in the future and studied by politicians everywhere in the world. Mobility will bring much-needed accountability to local governments. Communities will now be forced to compete with each other. Local politicians will solve problems or they will be voted out or they will run their cities into the ground very quickly in the coming years. Trends will accelerate as we have seen this past year. Below is a very well written breakdown of what has gone wrong in San Francisco. Mike Solana does not hold back.

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