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Moses & Elijah Graduating From High School

8:34 PM ยท May 29, 2024

Our son's Moses and Elijah are both graduating from high school this week. Candice and I homeschooled the boys all the way through. Moses started his journey of becoming a software engineer when he was 8, and has already started his career and is building a few software startups with me. Elijah developed a love for video production several years ago and has also already started his career in the field. Both boys plan on staying in Roseburg to live and work. Moses, Elijah, we are very proud of you both and are excited to see you launch into this next season of life! To all our friends, family, church community etc, thank you for investing in our boys. ๐Ÿ™ (This post/video/website is hosted on our Tracker software platform that Moses and I have built over the past several years. Moses is the lead software developer of the project.)

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