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The Music is Stopping

8:58 PM · Sep 25, 2022

Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, British pound, Japanese yen, G7 countries facing an emerging market style debt crisis… the music is stopping. The tide is going out. All the bubbles are bursting including the worldwide bond market. Worldwide depression likely, fiat currencies total collapse a possibility. Plus an energy crisis, food crisis, and rapid deglobalization. And we’re at the brink of a world war, possibly even nuclear war. I believe the last 20-30 years will be looked back upon as the peak of our decadence. I write this not to alarm or cause worry but for people to simply prepare. Most of these things are completely out of our control, but we can prepare and hard times can bring good fruit. Timing, it’s possible some of these things could take several more years to happen, but gravity is a powerful force and the collapse has already started. Now to the week ahead, here's what I'm watching. Big week for the world coming up. Russia is doing a sham vote to add several regions of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia oblasts) to become Russian territory. Any fight over those new "Russian" territories will be considered an attack on Russia. Russia has said its defense doctrine, including nuclear doctrine will apply to these territories. They are going to consider any fighting in these new areas to be a direct attack on Russia and they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Russia is now considering the United States a party to the conflict. Putin will be addressing parliament on Sept 30th and it's being reported that Russia will declare war if Ukraine hasn't withdrawn from the annexed territories. Also, martial law will begin in Russia on Sept 30 and no men of draft age will be able to leave the country. Russia is reportedly calling up 800k-1.2 million additional conscripts for war. I believe the risk of nuclear escalation in the war around Ukraine has significantly increased over the past few weeks. And I believe we are at the edge of a 2008 size or bigger worldwide financial crisis. The world is kind of fracturing into two groups, the west and the east. We are already in a financial war, energy war, food war, supply chain war, drug war and I think we are getting pretty close to a world war. I hope I'm wrong. I post frequently on Twitter and Facebook: Twitter Facebook



Sep 29, 2022

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